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Ah, yes, lets downvote truth we don't like

Women say exactly this, over and over. RP is wrong about abortion. It is a matter between a woman and her Creator, and a woman and her doctor.
Here is what you "Pro Life" folks just don't get: It is MY DNA, and I have the absolute, unalienable right (as evidenced by the myriad herbs I can get without asking anyone's permission) to end an unwanted pregnancy.
Will I go to hell for it? Maybe, my call.
The government has NO business ruling on this. The "unborn" get their rights when they get here. Until they are born, the woman has the right, as bestowed by her Creator, to tend her physical needs.
Most libertarians know you cannot legislate morality, but you will fall for the "abortion" divide and conquer nonsense over and over. It feels so GOOD to defend helpless little fetuses!
And when you are forced to face the fact that RP is losing women voters over this, you just downvote it rather than have an intelligent discussion.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.