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Wait a minute

To a point, I agree. Our tax dollars are used for many necessary and worthy causes... gas tax helps pay for Federal highways, as an example.

But there are too many in our society today who think like these people. Grants for education... and no education seems to take place, the fault to be shared by students and faculty alike. Handouts for rent... and the rent is not paid. Unemployment benefits... spent on lottery tickets and casino gambling. These are just a few examples.

The situation is upside down. The government makes it difficult for those who are willing to work and be successful by taxing and regulating them to death (even after death... estate taxes). The government makes it easy for those who want to play the system, by seemingly not keeping track of how the handouts are spent. Tax dollars that are meant for the genuinely poor and distraught and those needing a helping hand end up being given to freeloaders as well.

For this to be fixed, the morality of our citizens needs to change. At one time in our country cheating was frowned upon. Today it's a badge of honor if you can get away with it.