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"Tax dollars that are meant for the genuinely poor and distraught and those needing a helping hand"

Exactly my point.

Some people need assistance off the government. Some people are looking for work and can't find it in the midst of a recession that they were screwed over from and had nothing to do with, some people were born below the poverty line and can't find a break, some might be a single mother desperately trying to raise her kids and give them a better life that they did not have, and etc.

The context of the title "here's who you support with taxes" is one of disdain to those who are on welfare broadly brushing over a whole society because of freeloaders.

Now some people will still stay, 'well the government still has no right to take my money', and that's fine to say that, i'm not in any arguments there. But is the government's attempt to help these 'genuinely poor and distraught' people a worthy cause? Yes. Does that system create freeloaders? Yes. Should the system be fixed? Yes. Should we perceive all people who are on welfare with some sort of disdain or group them into one broad category? No.