Comment: Now I'm really "pissed

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Now I'm really "pissed

Now that I have come back in the house after splitting a half a cord of fire wood my hands have stopped shaking enough to be able to type, although I was only able to hold down the bile by mentally placing the face of Sean Hannity on my chopping block! What a rollercoaster.
Booing? If you're taking flak you're on target! In the ancient culture of the Celts, the Druids were a priestly class that held unparalleled sway over the masses. The most powerful among these were in possession of what was considered to be a magic wand of hypnotic qualities. It is important to note that this device was always made of Hollywood. Welcome to the politics of "Fantasia!" Now is time to drive a stake right through the heart of the vampire media. The "fifth estate" has become a putrid ghetto that needs to be burned to the ground. We must now double our efforts and send these cockroaches back into the political sewer where they belong!