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I understand your point

Because America is so incredibly sensitive about the race issue, people really need to take into consideration if they might be furthering a stereotype. I'm not from America so thankfully i don't have to deal with the sensitivity.

For instance, in Australia, KFC did a commercial between an Australian and West Indies cricket match and it was labelled racist:

Us Australians had no idea how you Americans perceived this as racist - it was a game of cricket for crying out loud and our culture is completely different to yours. But you have shows like The Young Turks that throw around this derogatory disgusting word around to everything (i watch the show often to understand different perspectives and believe me, anything that has the remotest relation to race they are not afraid to throw around the 'racist' word willy-nilly).

It's a horrible way of dealing with things, but unfortunately, that's how it is there and in order to not provoke reaction, people should be wise to tread carefully when it looks like one is furthering a race stereotype, lest it diverts the discussion (in this example) from the issue of welfare to racism...which happens all to often.