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Comment: Thank you for speaking to the heart of the question at hand

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Thank you for speaking to the heart of the question at hand

I have been wondering about this very issue.
I'm studying through Habakkuk. Habakkuk is questioning why God doesn't intervene when His covenant people are being persecuted, pillaged, raped, destroyed, taken captive by the Chaldeans. God seems to be a non-interventionist. God seems to honor people's choices and let them have the consequences of their actions. Israel had chosen to compromise morally, socially, and politically and they were paying the tragic price. God lets them have the consequence of their actions. Partially.
But God does respond to Habakkuk by saying that he will destroy all nations that puff themselves the appointed time. "Because you (Babylon) have plundered many nations, all the remnant of the peoples shall plunder you." God uses means to accomplish his purposes. That does not make him a non-interventionist. It just means that he sovereignly reigns over all and "his completely holy, wise and powerful preserving and governing of every creature and every action" is done in such a way that those who by faith perceive can give him glory for it.
I think that the point of your article is that we should be non-interventionist because God is non-interventionist so you must prove that God is non-interventionist. I think we should be non-interventionist but not because God is. God intervenes. I can think of no clearer example than Easter, but there are many in scripture.
We should be non-interventionist as a country because we don't know the future and we don't know the present enough to choose whom we should support and whom we should tear down in other countries. God knows and that's why he sovereignly can, and does bring nations down, albeit by use of means.
I would argue, we should be non-interventionst because we are not God.
God does not constantly intervene supernaturally, not because it would upset the applecart or overload youtube, it's because he is longsuffering with sin. Therefore, let us turn in repentance to God for he has suffered our sin for so long with mercy.