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It's a funny thing

There's only so much one can report on because the case is slowly progressing, and yet the media manages to devote that much time to the issue.

And then watching it get politicized in the left/right paradigm. I check on Huffington Post - pro-Trayvon; I check on Drudge - anti-Trayvon. My goodness, things are going to get politicized to the point that your left-wing if you like Pepsi and right-wing if you like coke.

But please don't take this as i see us Australians as superior. We are a bunch of idiots in many ways too. During our federal election, the leader of the Liberal party (which is like Republicans in America) made one of his cornerstone issues "stopping the boats!" (i.e. asylum seekers travelling by boats). Even though it only makes up like 5% of total asylum seekers, and that the whole asylum issue is a non-issue compared to other things, like immigration policy. Wanted to facepalm myself for being Australian and seeing the non-sense on national issues.