Comment: Like the Patent man said in The 3 Stooges..

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Like the Patent man said in The 3 Stooges..

..when they brought in their "fly catcher".

He said, "when you make your first $100 bring it in and I'll give you a patent".

I had considered installing a 4 kW array on my house and doing all of the work myself. No, I don't want to fund some overpriced "certified installer" whose prices are kept high because of government funding "benefits".

After calculating the cost of the material and equipment and the supposed "credits" (which wouldn't apply in my situation) and the novelty of the power company "buying back" power generated on my system and SREC (another farce) I changed my mind. Without the tax payers being forced to subsidize PV systems the return on investment is nonexistent. Another matter is the local building CODE. The CODE ENFORCEMENT stooges said, "we have to review your proposal and equipment that would be installed". Amongst other things they had to check for the reflectivity of the PV panels so that they wouldn't (you're gonna' love this one) cast a reflection into the sky that wouldn't hinder airplane pilots vision!

In other words- whenever you see someone with a large array you should ask them to thank you for helping them buy their system. PV without tax payer funding is a very bad investment. There would be no pay back without it.

Ever notice that since the "economy" turned bad people have sort of soured on the idea of "green" technology? It's cute when the money is available but when money gets tight so does philosophy.