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Do you know what size drive(s) you're running right now?

Do you need a lot of computing speed...or just simple data entry? Graphics usually require a lot more computing entry not so much.

Let's say you wanted a perfect mirror of your existing drive. You should set up a RAID array. (Let's just say you'll need 2 TB)

You'll need 2 hard drives...usually.

Seagate makes pretty good drives....Barracuda is great!

You can also setup a "hot swap" situation where you simply plug-in or pull-out a hard drive. That requires an open slot tray which are pretty cheap on Amazon.

Since hard drives really do a "life span" and they will fail it might be a better idea to buy an inexpensive internal drive(s) and replace it every year. Smash the old one or keep it as an archive copy.

Another idea is to simply get external USB connected hard drives and plug 'em in. That's solve your problem really fast. Then you could use a backup program that would be scheduled to backup whenever you'd like (every 2 hours....2 days...every 2 weeks). The advantage is that you just disconnect the hard drive(s) and take them home.

As to security. If you're running Windows (I assume you are) you should encrypt your drives. There are a lot of free encryption programs out there and the good ones are free.

DO NOT USE ONLINE STORAGE SERVICES if you value privacy. Dropbox or whatever that stupid service is called, last year had all accounts unlocked for 4 hours. Cloud computing is another is anything related to Google. But that's just my opinion.

Have you looked into running a Linux operating system? (faster, free and painless)