Comment: Why is it

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Why is it

that countries around the world, poor and socialist alike, can reject GE foods but we can't.

Fast food is now another industry too big to fail.

I remember when FDA agents actually visited farms.

I seldom buy meat from the store any more. I have a pig slaughtered and buy free range eggs. Do I pay more? Not really. I have to pay $2 for eggs but the stores are catching up, they now sell for $1.25. The extra 75 cents is worth it.

Even canning doesn't take that long or much effort.

The only saving grace is when these politicians feed their own children this crap and one dies or is deformed. Not that I wish this stuff on any child but politicians need to know the consequences of their actions.

Also, I think medical treatment should be withheld from those supporting this travesty. If they chose to eat garbage, why should we be paying for them?

How can processed and unprocessed (limited) cost more? Doesn't it take more "processing" money to process more?

Hussein had nothing over our own government. One way or another the government intends to put poison in all our food.

I'm wondering when the farmers are going to wake up. They are making big money now but what happens when the price of killer seed goes too high? What happens when their own families body counts go up? It's only a matter of time.

My 5 yr old dog is showing signs of aging. It isn't because he eats anything from the fields but it is all in the dog food. He's smart enough not to eat the poison in the fields but doesn't have much choice about his food.

I don't know the answers but we need Ron Paul to break the ties that bind us.