Comment: Unanimity of Action

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Unanimity of Action

We will be lampooned, we will be written off, and the narrative will continue: Establishment D versus Establishment R, no policy differences on the Fed, on spending, on the wars, on civil liberties, on any matter of substance.

This means, and I have said it before, we must be unified in going forward, especially with the vote in November. It is my belief that Ron Paul will endorse Gary Johnson, and we should follow him if he does. If we are splintered, if 1/3 stay home, 1/3 vote for Johnson and 1/3 write in Dr. Paul, they can still say we're irrelvant, and that will be imputed to Rand if he runs in 2016.

But if we are unified, if we all decide upon a course of action and follow it, there will be no denying our influence, and the Republican Party, if it ever wants electoral success again, better give Rand a fair shake. I think right now, the easiest way to show our strength as a movement is to vote for Gary Johnson. If he gets 12-15% of the popular vote, they'll know what cost them. Writing in Ron Paul's name would be good, but as has been said before, I don't trust that the results would be accurate, or that the vote tallies would even be announced. Johnson would be the candidate for a small, but universally recognized 3rd Party that will have increased its support tenfold.

I know it goes against every principle of libertarian thought to be unified, but for the movement to be perceived as strong as it actually is, we have to stick together in the November vote.