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Comment: Best Chance

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Best Chance

As much as I would love to switch parties to a libertarian I do not think I will any time soon. The best and only chance we have is with the republican party. I think we all need to look past the name of the party and instead focus on the message. To me it is just a name. I would switch to a democrat if that party had any chance to promote freedom.

The worst thing that can happen is not Dr. Paul losing the nomination. The worst thing that can happen is if even one Paul supporter gives up on the movement.

As of now over a million people have voted for Dr. Paul in this primary season. You realize if even 25% of that population got actively involved in their local politics the country would change over night.

When it comes down to it voting is the just the first step and the easiest. It is time to get involved. And please do it in the republican party. Believe me I love the libertarian party but we are splitting our votes. If you run for office run as a republican. In most places if you win the primaries you will win the general election.

Never stop. Get involved. We outnumber them. I personally will be dragging every one I know to our local caucus' and am getting them all on the ballot to be delegates. There is not a person in my family who does not know where I stand. Liberty is contagious.

Keep up the fight!

For Liberty!