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Well personally

Ron Paul wins the nomination:

- Everyone works harder than ever before as the campaign to restore liberty takes centre stage.

Ron Paul loses the nomination:

- Ron Paul runs third party and has enough support to get on the debates where on a national stage he can deliver his message right to the people without the corrupt filter of the media who distorts him at every turn.

- Supporters of Ron Paul get behind Gary Johnson and he attempts to do the abovementioned.

- Ron Paul runs with Dennis Kucinich. Each compromise a tiny bit to form a new third party that brings the libertarians and progressives together. This party captures a huge portion of independents, apathetic voters, libertarians and progressives. It continues to take over the political system and becomes the major force within American politics. And at some point in time, the various coalitions are able to break up and run on their own platforms with new political parties finally bringing down the Republican and Democratic parties.

The last one is what i want to see. I am not convinced a pure libertarian ticket can win just yet, but i think you bring Kucinich on the ticket and the presidency is there for the taking.