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I agree with you

In what you said about the pro-life movement and i do not see him needing to compromise that.

I think the four core issues which unite Paul and Kucinich are the Federal Reserve, corporatism, civil liberties and war.

I even think they are united on the debt, and this is where i see the compromise taking place. Kucinich accepts huge cuts in spending to pay off the debt, Paul accepts tax increases to pay off the debt.

I understand that there are some fundamental issues that people cannot get past, and they usually lie in with the social issues, but on others, people cannot be selfish and only get behind a candidate if they agree with them 100%.

If offered the choice between are corrupt president, a corrupt Republican nominee and a non-corrupt candidate who you agree with 80% on, there can only be one choice.

I think at a time like this, compromise on the non-essentials is essential for the survival of the country.