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Bullet points

    Changes to Paul's campaign image
  • The "everymen" in America are pushing Paul to represent their interests - Paul is not running for his own goals
  • The goal is increased control in local government, where responsible citizens can directly manage their communities
  • Emphasis on one-paragraph introductions to topics (in videos/ads, interviews - e.g. why economic crashes can be predicted, why most politicians make careers out of being in office, how inflation/stimulus hurts the middle class), followed by links to relevant further information, rather than "I support x" appeals
  • Appeals for voters to "Take charge of [their] lives! Vote for to put power back in your own hands!" at the beginning/end of every appearance
    Corresponding expected outcomes
  • Campaign is seen as a public service effort, not a power grab/fight for control as currently perceived by GOP and media
  • Campaign is seen as an effort to make government truly more visible, not to destroy the benefits of government as is currently perceived; Also, increased support from TEA Party and Occupy movements - many of whose participants share the same goal
  • Campaign is seen as an informative movement designed to put the people back in the driver's seat; "I support x" messages can be implied by the topics discussed; also shows Paul as the intelligent, well-read statesman that he is
  • Emphasizes getting out the vote, yet still makes the campaign about the people; self-interest may drive more to vote than would appeals to Paul's campaign and personal ideas

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