Comment: Medved is just another former Liberal

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Medved is just another former Liberal

Jew who jumped ship to join the neoCon(artist) movement when they began pushing the praise Israel. He is still a liberal at heart, as he supports Big Gov. programs and the Big Gov. War and Police State Machine. The neoCon's are nothing more than Trotskyites who are posing as Conservative to undermine the 'real movement' started by Robert Taft, and force it towards the Totalitarian rule, much like the Bolshevik movement. The real name should have been Neo-Liberal, as 90% of what they support is Liberalism. The only Consrevative part of their platform is the 'fuax' Social Conservatism movement. The neoCon Bolsheviks have moved the political stance from 'those who will prevent the unconstitutional liberal moral activism. akes people believe the 'state' can solve the moral issues through (unconstitutional) legislation. IMO, they are destroying Christianity in this process, because they are reliquishing their 'works' to the faux state, and their focus has been steered towards Israel and away from America. It's a real simple question, has our countries morals improved, since the election of GWB, the first neoCon(artist) and Social Conservative president, who spent 8yrs in office and all those elected to Congress???