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No problem i've posted it in

No problem i've posted it in that thread also. This is what people need to do:

If you own an AMD APU (accelerated processing unit) as apposed to a normal CPU from either manufacturer, Intel or AMD, you can eliminate shaking of these videos by 'flipping' a switch in your computer's Vision Engine software (or Catalyst Control Center). It works in realtime and is a simple process of opening the software by right clicking on the desktop and choose Vision Engine Control Center. There are quite a few tutorials online, here's one:

If you can't find the switch in VECC you probably don't have an up to date driver package, so just go to AMD's driver download page and download the latest drivers, which should be 12.3, then install. It's simple and intuitive.

In order to view the require settings, you need to click on preferences and choose 'advanced view', then choose the video tab.

As a side note, it is well known in the tech community that intel is the establishment of the industry, use illegal means and have been charge by several companies for breaking anti-competition laws to keep AMD's market share to a minimum, even though AMD has superior products in many cases. They've bribed Dell with 5 BILLION dollars to keep AMD processors out of their laptops and PC's. They were charged in Korea, Japan and the EU for breaking anti-competition laws by bribing major distributors to keep AMD products off the shelf. They were charge in the US and NY state for breaking competion laws, although only recieved a slap on the wrist there. They are without a doubt, the MSM and establishment of the industry and they use their monopoly to steamroll the competition regardless of their products capabilities. Paul Otellini (intel CEO) was named to Obama's technical advisory panel.