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RFID chips

I can condone your concern regarding RFID chips in human beings - do we honestly believe implant will be for purely beneficial medical reasons, if we do then we are the fools!!!!!!!!!!
Research/technology under the guise of RFID has rapidly advanced over the last 10 years and as such a human implant of this type of device will enable government/authorities/whomever to track/identify each implanted person 24/7/365. All under the auspices of readability of implanted medical case file/data in the event of an emergency. Again if we believe and accept this pretence then we deserve whatever comes from mass RFID implant. I assure you I will never agree to personal implant of a such a device in my body for two reasons. 1. It intrudes on my personal freedom and privacy and 2. The long term health effects of an active Radio Frequency device on the human biology are not known no matter how much baloney or propaganda the government publish in support of such a program. 1984 (George Orwell)is well established and this is one of many examples of its transitionary phases of implementation. Not wishing to frighten, but to enlighten those that may be complacent about this implant program - implant is not very far removed from mind/submissive control/ of the populace which is already technically feasible by implanted electronic signals to the nervous system. If anyone thinks I am being farfetched or conspiratorial, then so be it, go ahead and get your implant. See article in