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Great Idea !

I am a 56 yr old disabled woman, truck driver.I used to think Ron Paul would not make a good POTUS.That is until I really sat down and listened to him.Now I am a true believer.I do not have much money but I will have a yard sale and bake pies and cupcakes and cookies and sell them at the flee market,taping RP fliers to them and give RP every dime.I will FORCE my kids to contribute to their freedom also.I will put signs in my yard and all my children's yards.I will put fliers under windshield wipers at the malls.I already do give money every two weeks and wish I could do more. As far as the younger people in this country backing RON PAUL...Well thank the Good Lord for that! Aren't we the same generation that always complained about our kids not caring about anything but their xboxes and playstations and phones? I think that their vote should count MORE then anybody else.They are the ones that are dieing in these wars and getting blown to bits. They are the ones that are going to have to pay for this mess WE put them in.They are the ones who have to raise these poor little children in this world with big brother telling them how. If Ron Paul does not win these young people are going to live in a hellish world and the older generation is responsible.I am ashamed to say WE WERE LAZY.

Barbara Tranquillo