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Comment: doesn't matter if you paid or not.

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doesn't matter if you paid or not.

If I paid $100 a month every month for 30 years.

That's $36,000.

Let's say with the fed's monetary expansion, it was actually $50,000.

The average lifetime benefits payout is approaching $400,000.

You are the extremist, expecting something for nothing.

Three trips to the emergency room for a kidney stone, a gallbladder attack, and a broken foot ...that's enough to wipe out everything you paid in.

What you paid into was a joke. A bad joke. Ponzi.

Now, that's it's been exposed, you want others to cover your loss.

Negative. Not if I can do something about it.

...and if I'm not mistaken, Dr. Paul is against non-voluntary safety nets. He's also the only one serious about saving medicare and social security in the short term. Long term, they would be phased out, if he could convince people of the true nature of medicare and social security, which is they by force, and they are unsustainable.

If you've studied this at all, you'll know that the government will never stop writing the checks. They just won't be worth anything.

And hence no politician, except Paul, has made any authentic effort to address this.

Paul has a real plan, to save in the short term, medicare, and social security, by stopping the deficit spending NOW. Not 40 years from now. Again, long term, he has stated they need to be phased out. Also, he wants to give younger folks a chance to opt out. Like now.