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Which is the same as limited federal government....

Or constitutional government, to be exact.

States decide most actions rather than bureaucratic bloated agencies, funded by the federal government. Which often over-take the rights of States themselves: such as inoculations, EPA, FHA and the alphabet soup of various federal government waste.

Do conservatives think they are *ALL* a waste?
No, far from it.

If you listen to Colonel Anthony Schafer, for example, local programs & state run programs can create far greater advantages than a nationalized military force.

Do we still need the State? Certainly. That is why the Paul, or Santorum ideal is preferable to anarchy.

Will we always need the state, however? If we follow Jefferson's true principles, it will ultimately become clear we don't need it at all. Especially in that form. But it will take a whole lot of deprogramming this society, and kicking off the democrats to block their agenda of very strong central government.