Comment: I love the idea of a Grassroots created ad for MSM TV!

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I love the idea of a Grassroots created ad for MSM TV!

I'm very surprised that the Campaign hasn't been doing this. The most convincing thing for me were the videos of Dr. Paul talking in front of Congress and the Press from over the years that are on YouTube. There are so many grassroots videos online that inspire me and excite me to no end. I think the we could do more than one. Keep each ad focused with one message. Do one that shows these huge crowds. I agree with NEVER showing the other candidates. That's the mistake of The Campaign's current commercials. It needs to be all about The Message. Do another that's all about the Veterans/Foreign Policy. Do one that's all about Economy (Housing Market Collapse) showing clips of existing online video of Dr. Paul speaking. If the campaign won't do these things, the grassroots should have a forum where we can flesh out these ideas. I'm an Art Director at an Ad Agency in Cincinnati. I've done plenty of TV. I can do storyboards. I understand how to deliver a message (unlike this rambling comment;) Of course, you can't have 100,000 people agree on a :30 sec ad, but I remember the grassroots print ads that were created this way in 2008, so I know it's feasible. There just needs to be trusted decision makers among us:) Who will take the lead? Raising the cash for the Media Placement will the biggest part of this!