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Nevada State Convention numbers

Based on our county's allotment, not sure of the exact number, but Nye would have around 83 [correction 76] delegates. According to this post, all of the Nye delegation are Ron Paul supporters.

In 2008 there were 1347 delegates who attended the state convention at the Peppermill in Reno. I would expect more this year, even though the caucus turnout was lower than in 2008.

Again, someone correct me if I'm wrong because I'd like my number to be bigger, but my very rough count is showing Ron Paul supporters comprise about 1100-1300 of the appointed state delegates. So if there are 2000 total state convention attendees this year, we could have over 2/3 majority. That would be awesome. Problem is that not all of us who were appointed will show up, so too much celebrating is premature. I do think we will have a clear majority, though. We are the most tenacious and dedicated convention goers so I have good reasons to be optimistic.

It's important to help our fellow delegates get to Reno-Sparks in May. Do not leave another Paulite behind for the want of a few Federal Reserve Notes. If you know another delegate that is having a hard time, help that person! Don't expect the campaign or another collective group of supporters to do it. Loan or give him the cash, carpool, or share your hotel room. It's not charity, it's an investment in your own future.

Our window of opportunity is fleeting. Imagine how horrible you'd feel if we lose a crucial floor vote by one or two votes when you know that you COULD have made the difference.