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Comment: Forum member woodstock has come up with a solution...

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Forum member woodstock has come up with a solution...

...see the other thread on this topic.

Basically, the anomaly is a result of 10% of all voters failing to understand the instructions and voting for EVERY candidate's delegates - not too hard to believe LOL.

This increases the ratio of delegate-votes to candidate-votes for EVERY candidate, BUT it disproportionately increases the ratio for candidates with fewer candidate votes - hence Ron Paul (fewest candidate votes) got the biggest bump, and had his ratio pushed up to about 3.

Romney: 29% +10%, ratio should be 39:29 = 1.34

Gingrich: 29.3% + 10%, ratio should be 39.4:29 = 1.34

Santorum: 34.5% + 10%, ratio should be 44.5:34.5 = 1.29

Paul: 5% + 10%, ratio should be 15:5 = 3

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