Comment: Kinetic energy, or small solutions must be an answer...

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Kinetic energy, or small solutions must be an answer...

In any case, there must BE a way to provide these solutions through states, local governments & cities that provides a much clearer alternative than what we have today.

Today, we are taught that all these massive problems rely on the Federal Government to fix them. I disagree, and concur with the video that this is a lie forced in school.

We have manufacturing plants, we have departments, we have corn fields and all these unused my knowledge none of this depends on the Federal Government. Out here in the west for example, we already passed a real law which keeps this community going self-autonomously.

Regardless of what may or can happen to the Federal Government. We'd be unaffected, as it allows for gold/silver & many means of exchange. So what is this illusion?

What do we need a strong, centralized government for to begin with? I would contend we need it to resolve things like price fixing, energy emissions & weather problems.

I do not think we truly need this monstrosity for much else. In fact, I do not think we ultimately need a government at all....except in very limited cases. But the sheep don't know it. Government by its very nature, is quite invasive.