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Regardless of Spooner, the

Regardless of Spooner, the Constitution was not a popular document. Historians generally agree, if it had been put to the masses for a vote it would have never passed. The US Constitution was passed the same way MANY unpopular legislative items are passed; by FEAR. The fear of 1789 was the fear of what would happen if it DID NOT pass. The Constitution's main purpose was to give authority to collect taxes, and secondly to regulate trade. Trade is where taxes originate from, trade is essential to tax collection.

The Articles of Confederation provided no enforceable means for collecting taxes. These new nations were at this time in default of a massive debt owed to King George. The Treaty was made, George agreed to allow us to GOVERN ourselves. But he did not agree to wave the massive debt that we owed him, Gold that the signers of the Declaration of Independence had borrowed to fund the war for independence.

The Articles of Confederation created a true Republic, the Constitution ended it. The Debt the "Founders" created during the war resulted in default on debt owed to King George, and the threat of the return of the British The FEAR of another invasion from England, an invasion this time without the help of the French, is the FEAR that sold the Constitution into existence. If not for the idea of "What will happen if we DO NOT pass this Constitution", the Constitution would never have passed. Even as it was, it only passed by violation of the Law that was in effect ie., the Constitution was not lawfully ratified just like so many of its Amendments.

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