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I am from Houston Texas otherwise known as Space City.
I do not keep track of age as though I were a mere tick in time.
Instead I view myself as an astronaut in constant motion traveling about and exploring the universe.
With that I will profess that I am nearing completion of my 45th orbit around the sun.
I once gave up on my dreams but now I have reclaimed them and I intend to be a certified culinarian by years end. That should be just after Ron Paul’s victory.
I was Libertarian before being Tea Party was cool.
I was one of nearly a half million freedom loving individuals that voted for Ron Paul in 1988.
I was one of the many who unwaveringly wrote Ron Paul’s name in, in 2008.
I will be amongst the throng of voters who put Ron Paul into the White House in 2012.
Glad to be here.

"I sleep well." Ron Paul