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Now we're talking!

I have been a DP reader for years but never felt the need to chime in until today. Why? Because Paul's whole campaign, including the PACs, is fighting THE WRONG FOE.

Anyone who has read Sun Tzu and votes for Paul has got to be able to see this... The flow of misinformation is 100% CRITICAL to Paul's victory. Without stopping the misinformation, you CANNOT, I REPEAT, CANNOT get Paul elected at all.

This thread has finally proposed a (small) way to do just that. Thanks PollMan. -But now let's crank it up a notch or two!

I've given this a ton of thought before posting; here's how I recommend going about this:

Step 1. Together we should find and compile pictures and vids showing both Paul's and Romney's and Frothy's turnouts PER CITY. Compare like with like, and print the estimated number in the bottom right corner of each snapshot. (Throw Biden's sad turnout in Wisconsin in there for fun, too.) Get no less than 10 contrasting examples of crowd sizes.

Step 2. Either get a PAC to make this commercial, or we hold our own moneybomb right here on DP to get it funded. (This would work better than usual if a rough vid is first made to show to those considering to donate.) Either way, we still need a PAC to donate some big money for airtime, but we'll get their support by showing them our work first if needs be.

Step 3. The Commercial spot MUST MUST MUST call out the MAINSTREAM MEDIA first and foremost. This commercial is all about shock value to older voters that we need to see have been duped. It needs to say things like "What you have been missing," "Don't Let the Media Pick your President," and use the words "LIES" and "DECEPTION" when describing their misdirection tactics.

The narrator should say "You Know that Paul's got the most energetic following. Have you ever wondered the REAL Reason why?"

While he talks the pictures scroll showing direct contrast between candidates' turnouts. Any and all bad reporting by the media on Paul's turnouts should be flashed in-between too. (Example: "Fox 7 said this turnout of over 4000 people was only 2200... Shame on you Fox 7!")

FURTHER, flash in there any instances of proven FRAUD too like the Election fraud headlines from several states and how two GOP managers have been canned in response to their acts. At this point the narrator could say "There have already been X number of Proven fraud cases against Ron Paul proven this year. How many has the Media told you about?"

Again, the theme is 100% showing the contrast between what the Media is showing them and what the truth is. The bad guy = the Mainstream media. With any luck this will provoke a lot of reaction!

Step 4. When done, the commercial should of course run when and where it is most effective. In the about-to-be-voting states every time... But that's not enough!

Step 5. Last but not least, on every primary day or the night before, (we gotta coordinate a day AND Hour here) we do a massive push of it ourselves, too. All of us post the YouTube version of this video on your facebook pages, Digg it, Reddit it, promote in every way you all possibly can. If we do it all at once, at the same time the TV spots run, the Synergy,/em> will make each event impossible for most Americans to miss!

THAT'S how you start winning states; you FORCE the less brainy voters out there to start thinking a bit. I'm 100% sure of it. This must be totally IN-YOUR-FACE.

Now, if this commercial comes together soon, I happen to know a large community of professional Marketers who all like Paul but do not get involved because they see the game as lost (TO THE MEDIA) already. However, I would personally show them this video spot and convince them all to push it too; I'm sure I can get more than a couple of them to pitch in... In ways you guys just wouldn't believe if I wrote here.

You have my word the Youtube views will be something quite rare and awesome. Count on it.

C'mon! Let's do this!