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Not too certain of the

Not too certain of the narrative you present about fears of another English invasion being the motivator behind the Constitution, but one thing certainly needs correcting. The Revolution was not funded with gold, it was funded with massive inflation. So much so that it threatened to bankrupt a LOT of the wealthy northern interests that invested in it if their bonds weren't paid back at par. It is THAT which motivated a great deal of the proceedings in Philadelphia. It was a convention primarily held at the pushing of the federalists. Heroic anti-federalists like Patrick Henry and many others prophetically warned of exactly what would happen if that evil power-grab of a document was ratified. Despotism, empire, and tyranny. He even warned Virginians that it would someday lead to a federal army marching through their state to usurp its possessions and sovereignty, which of course, came true in only 70 years.