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Take the fifth

I respectfully decline to answer the question on the grounds that the answer might be yes.

In the case that went before the Supremes, the guy was thrown into the general population because he was accidentally accused of something or another. The government screwed up.

The problem as I see it was not that he was forced to strip before going into the population. If you are going to be in the hell hole called the general population, you should want everyone there to have been thoroughly searched. The problem I see was that he was put into the general population without having been convicted of a crime. That should never happen, but they do it all the time. The Supremes were not asked to make a call about that.

Going into GP is punishment. It is a very unpleasant place to be. No one who has not been convicted should have to endure it. I think custody for people who are awaiting trial should be something like staying at Day's End, except with better water pressure.

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