Comment: In any case, we can at least be THANKFUL these guys are real...

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In any case, we can at least be THANKFUL these guys are real...

Whatever the consequences, we can at least be thankful that these "coup" actors are the real deal and really ARE anti- New World Order as they include Oath Keepers among their ranks. Arrests are a good step, whatever side you are on.

Irregardless of what kooks like Benjamin Fulford, Wilcock or Rense say as they are simply *WATER CARRIERS* and I like to stress a distinction between messengers & the message.

The message apparently comes from within military, Drake and even officers close to Stewart Rhodes so it seems to be realistic...done by citizens such as you & me according to the Tom Heneghans, Woods, Talk Radio Hosts & wider freedom movement.

So, unlike the obviously *FAKE* Tim Turner prophet movement these guys get no access to TV airtime or special celebrity money....which is something they denounce on their front page.

And rightfully so, because anyone with any sense could tell you Turner is a fraud who ripped off the whole idea of "De Jure" republic & freedom directly from these folks.

Still, I find it MIGHTY odd that all the false prophets including Fulford, Wilcock & co are promoting this as if they've just discovered the seat of Moses. People should not even associate with those jokers, in fact, I think Fulford is probably as anti-freedom as it comes.

So pay attention as these arrests happen.......Dr. Ron Paul is NOT speaking of any of this for a reason. Be at your wisest, because I guarantee there are PHARISEES among this group who are merely replacing Rothschild. Their sole objective is a Global Bank, which is the anti-thesis of do not believe any man...even your neighbor...who says he is fit to bring us a new era of prosperity. Through constructs of a cash-less World Bank, a new beginning or any other promise--!!

For that will be the final false government, that appears "Good" & perfect....only those who follow God & their inner conscience will tell the difference.