Comment: I hear of some people on here

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I hear of some people on here

I hear of some people on here talking about regulation, taxation, decriminalization on here. We need to push for the right drug laws not just for partial laws and small victories. Decriminalization and medical laws work well, but they are still have huge problems with huge legal loopholes.

Amsterdam works somewhat well. The problem in Amsterdam is that although the coffeeshops are legal, the growers still routinely get busted. Anything over 5 plants and they go after you there. Basically, it creates a quasi-legal environment that is a nightmare to understand. Growers get in trouble for selling to the shops in Amsterdam. It's still a flawed system.

What we need is full legalization. It should be legal for any person over 18 to grow any amount, possess any amount, of marijuana or hemp.... end of discussion, no other laws on this subject need to exist.

Highschool kids in California and other medical states are starting to chose marijuana over alcohol. This is a very good thing. Alcohol is dangerous, addictive, and deadly. Alcohol shouldn't be illegal, but its insane that marijuana, a harmless substance, is banned.

How can the government ban a substance that prevents cancer? How can a government ban a drug that has never killed anyone, and can replace many harmful pharma-drugs that actually do kill people? How can a government control or regulate anyones medicine? How can a government prevent us from true clean energy in hemp fuel (hemp fuel burns cleanly and does not need any pesticides to grow)?

If this issue does not make you see how corrupt the special interests are, go to the

It's about time our society judge people on their actions as an individual, and stopped clumping people into groups.

This is a big issue out here in California and if we want to win California, then we need to push this issue hard. A majority of people want marijuana legal, they just didn't like prop 19. Prop 19 would have legalized 1 ounce and 1 plant per person. That is worse than Amsterdam. Prop 19 was wrong for a lot of reasons, and a large portion of the marijuana community voted against it because it wasn't a complete bill.