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Probable Cause

The issue, imho, is probable cause. I didn't read it all, but I thought it said something like the jailer doesn't always know why he is taken in... Sounds like, for want of administration, they'll overlook probable cause and just strip everyone. Just because someone is speeding does not give probable cause that he as a weapon up his hoop.
I believe the proper solution is for the prosecuting agency/officer to show cause why the inmate should be strip searched. Perhaps another solution would be to have two types of holding "jails" - one for civil/regulatory offenses, the other for criminal offenses (i.e. trespassing on someone's rights).
But the judges reasons sighting conveniences, or the lack there of, as being a reason to say it is okay is, imho, unacceptable. And suggesting other characters who were ticketed and then blowing up buildings/airplanes as justification is a farce.