Comment: So let us do away with public streets

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So let us do away with public streets

Roads and highways. After all it is something that we all get the benefit of but not everyone pays in equally!

Let us not forget public schools and Library's.

Oh yea and the Fire Dept, police dept, public works dept.

Ron Paul said that Social Security is not an entitlement program but an insurance program which the public have been paying in to as in an insurance contract. The problem is that the Government is looting the Social Security funds.

And is it not the same case with Medicare and medicaid?

So on a toll road in NJ, if you get stuck and call AAA to tow you away they can't get you! Why? Because the owners of the road are getting kickbacks from their chosen tow truck companies and you got to pay outrages rates to get towed off the parkway. But not so on a public road paid for by taxes. Which by the way is socialism. So you see on public roads you actually have more freedom than on private roads.

Is that what you guys want? Pay as you go roads and streets?

I know Ayn Rand is propped up as an independent icon. But the fact is she failed to live up to her own ideals. From a two pack cigarette habit she got cancer and late in life collected from Social Security which allowed her to live out her life with dignity. Even though she apparantly tried to hide that fact from her followers.

Want to privatize the water supply? Billionaires are buying up water rights all over the world. Then they pay politicians to pass laws that saving rain water is illegal. And yea, they already have laws on the books in several states already. Is it not wonderful? Free enterprise at work.

Like Monsanto buying up seed companies. Then genetically altering the seeds and get a patent on them. They then burn the other seeds leaving then with a monopoly on the food supply. Yea, free enterprise. Don't you just love it?

It is great to be back in the days of the Robber Barons.

Privatize everything.