Comment: Good science is being observant and not conclusive!

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Good science is being observant and not conclusive!

Galileo played off of Copernicus, Newton played of of Galileo. Newton was good but his laws of motion are flawed. His math? You decide. There are two states of motion. " A body or system in balance with it's surrounding." a micro world that dose not exist but we use it for base comparison" A body or system moving towards balance with it's surroundings" A macro world that is hard to contemplate" . Remember this is from a fixed point of view that I believe dose not exist. There is one law of motion. every thing not living will balance itself with it's surroundings! There are three laws of balance. An imbalance is spherical in nature. Every thing will balance itself along the path of least resistance. There is an implosive and explosive imbalance.

hope for the best