Comment: Bravo! Permaculture

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Bravo! Permaculture

I am relieved that there exists at least a few voices of reason in this discussion. Thanks for the light of wisdom.

Decentralization is the key that unlocks this puzzle. Find what works best for your home and neighborhood and meet your own needs for power.

The solution is one of culture, first. When we outgrow our deep-rooted entitlement mind-set and stop basing energy needs on 20th century kilo-watt per person consumption rates and prices, we are on the way to wide-spread breakthroughs.

Like you, I would think that our liberty-loving team here would stop arguing about what is the best way to keep the centralized energy monopolies in business.

We are the only species in billions of years that has decided that this planet doesn't have enough natural, safe energy to meet our needs. It's time to stop the spoiled brat routine, grow up and thrive peacefully as good stewards of Nature's bounty.