Comment: Ahh - so we are all criminals - some of us just havent been

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Ahh - so we are all criminals - some of us just havent been

caught. That makes great logic. And let me tell you all that this is not as un-invasive as you think. I have sat at parties with correction officers who laugh and joke about the process - most are very disturbed people - I frankly can't stand to be around them. In one case - there were two female guards from our female prison in Niantic telling stories and explaining how this works(mind you - I am there with the other half of the problem- State Troopers - so am getting both sides). Let me break this down for you.
You get arrested for minor offense of a Friday - our Westbrook police barracks do not have the ability to hold females and you cannot make bail or whatever. You are then transferred to Niantic and processed in and that means a complete cavity search and all that good stuff. So basically an average citizen who makes a minor mistake is raped and violated under the guise of the law and then thrown in with hardened criminals until they can get out. And you wonder why society is breaking down? Like that doesn't create a lot of psychological damage?
And let me tell you - the guards were almost getting off just telling how it works - very disgusting, power hungry(I would guess abused) people.
And let me tell you - it can happen to you. You are not talking about crimes here - you are talking about the littlest of infractions - like this guy - not paying a ticket. One asshole cop has the ability to ruin your life - simple as that.