Comment: Concurrent Ron Paul Presidential Run? Yes! Absolutely!

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Concurrent Ron Paul Presidential Run? Yes! Absolutely!

It's NOW finally the perfect time for WE THE REVOLUTION to lead/feed/nurture a FULL SPECTRUM NATIONAL REVOLT from the Statist Quo!

This is how we feed/nurture/create and lead a perfectly and providentially timed full spectrum NATIONAL REVOLT FROM THE STATUS QUO... The campaign, and particularly Benton REALLY need to immediately disclaim the idea of bartering delegates for a Paul VP slot and RP people in cabinet positions. Why in the world would we want a "place at the table" that serves up the welfare/warfare "mess of pottage" of Romney or one of the other sellouts??? Answer: WE DON'T!!! We need balls to the wall for President Paul, either within the Republican Party, or if that doesn't work out, with a 3rd party. We run concurrent races of Republican Party and Libertarian Party (filing deadline is early May for LP) and thereby have leverage over the Republican Party and their mistreatment and sure Judas treatment of Paul from now through Tampa convention. We LEAVE EVERYTHING ON THE FIELD. No half measures. No shoulda/coulda/woulda 20-20 hindsight. This way we take the game and victory into our own hands (and away from gop "leadership" and msm) from here on, using a concurrent Republican Party and 3rd Party run through Tampa, then if/when screwed by the Republican Party, we take our team plus some of theirs, most independents & disillusioned democrats and we beat Obama's and Romney's/whoever's collective butts in November with an across the spectrum coalition/national revolt from the status quo! Simple with aggressive implementation! Youtube this video: "Josh Tolley: Ron Paul Will Win" for details. We also, immediately and with acceleration, bring the Four Seasoned Libertarian Kick-Ass Frontline Horsemen to the mainstream media microphone: Napolitano, Rockwell, Woods, and Wead and we GO FOR BROKE! BALLS TO THE WALL... NOW AND INCREASINGLY through victory in November! It can and will be done if we aggressively implement this plan starting NOW! Let the campaign KNOW this is what you want. This plan will produce NO REGRETS. Any lesser plan will be regrettable. LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER NOW!

Ron Paul 2012
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At the cross Jesus Christ defeated sin, death, hell, and the new world order.
C’mon boys, let’s take the plunder!