Comment: Come on guys

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Come on guys

Ron Paul supporters are supposed to think things through.

These numbers are just absolute nonsense.


Excluding the delegates that are bound to Ron Paul from the various primaries, out of the remaining caucus states, RON PAUL WOULD HAVE TO HAVE WON ~80% in order to have 380 delegates.

Are we to assume Santorum and Romney could only garner 10% of delegates each when all is said and done in the caucus?


How did Gingrich's numbers go down from 129 to 77? From Georgia and South Carolina alone he got exactly 77. Add in Tennessee (24%), Oklahoma (27%), Alabama (29%) and Mississippi (31%), he will at least get 120-125. This is at least 120-125 BOUND delegates. It's not, 'we'll find out in a couple of months', no, we know they are going to him.


And where did all these delegates go in this projection? Well the total number increased from 1058 to 1168. 110 new delegates. Gingrich lost 52, Santorum lost 6, Romney gained 34 and Ron Paul gained 134!!!! How?

So if you add those lost delegates in and the increase in delegates, there was 168 delegates to be gained. Ron Paul got 80% of the newly allocated delegates!???

That's just not based in reality.

Come on guys, we know a realistic expectation is around 200, and if we did excellent in caucus states (i.e. he wins 50% in all caucus states), maybe 250.