Comment: The country has lost its

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The country has lost its

grip with reality in so many ways. One ignored reality is just how violent it is to put someone in a jail. It's treated so nonchalantly.

I once saw a woman who was in front of a judge in shackles because she'd got a WARNING to get a taillight fixed, but didn't read the fine print where she had to go and prove she'd had it done. The taillight was fixed, but she didn't go back for reinspection. She'd lost her job over it and the judge just said as long as she was good at her job, he was sure they'd take her back. No apology from him that the system had abducted her, done unspeakable things to her, and created these consequences, just the additional victimization of saying something so absurd to her when she was in no position to tell the judge what an ivory tower moron he sounded like.

And if we were to accept the premise that there is a need to keep prisoners safe from each other, that doesn't mean we have to accept the premise that the additional violence of a strip search is unavoidable. Give the prisoners the option of a non-contact cell for however long they are in. Yes, it's a big cost, but complaining about that cost can only be done under the delusion that this level of violence is not a big deal.

After that, stop arresting so many people. Geesh! If the system makes a mistake and someone's arrested falsely or the system is just too silly to figure out who to arrest and who to leave alone, stop voting for these lazy incompetents who put this system into place. Sue the pants off anyone making a mistake that results in someone enduring the trauma of an arrest and/or strip search.

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