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I think you have mistaken me for somone else

I have been a paid member of the County GOP since Dr. Paul sent out the call in January 2007. Then became a delegate to the State Convention. I am fully behind Dr. Paul's strategy and was one of the first to suggest, here on the Daily Paul in 2008, that the GOP was empty, we didn't need a new party name.

But perhaps you have not heard your fellow posters. Some can't stomach the effort to work the GOP game.

You are demanding all join the herd or become irrelevant. Dr. Paul did not take your advice 30 years ago, why should anyone today.

Any of our actions risk being insignificant, the whole herd could miss the boat. Someone has to hang around to say, "I told you so!" LOL

Bottom line is, we don''t know what will work, I might be something as surprising as the First Tea Party Moneybomb.

This is a full court Press. If everyone finds a part they can play whether raucous or sublime, we'll all feel better about ourselves.

Free includes debt-free!