Comment: And GOP is so much easier per your thinking

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And GOP is so much easier per your thinking

that Paul is at 9% with GOP ticket while at 20% with an independent ticket. Looks like infiltrating gop strategy failed and people are saying they would vote for paul only if he wasn't with gop. It is psychotic to not accept that this strategy has failed and you are being mocked for staying in the race as is without changes.

Media and Romney, like you, also don't believe anyone should even attempt to go 3rd party and outside the one party system set up by the elites. Funny how some rp supporters and romney see eye to eye on so many things, especialy on how he the elite is better than the non-elites like newt and perry.

Those who say no to 3rd party and speak of this tyrannical two party system are hypocritical or just wanting to stay in ideology and complain that way, but not govern or take any action and do the hardcore negotiations required.

No, the gop is not an empty vessel. It is already filled and no it absolutely cannot be changed, as Romney has proven. others who tried to change gop like rand paul, demint, and mike lee and others just got co-opted into gop estab. So, look at history of those that tried to change GOP and you will see that they did not meet a pretty fate.