Comment: Just a reality check as I was right there behind the stage.

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Just a reality check as I was right there behind the stage.

I have produced over 1,100 major special events for a living and have had events with over 100,000 spectators and participants, so I know how to count crowds. Tonight was probably 3,500 tops and not 6,000, but still impressive. Chico is a town with census of around 88,000 with maybe 150,000 including the County Seat Orovile just south. Not as an enthusiastic a crowd as he has had at other places, but considering there were OWS people there and Chico is an area that I sensed there were a lot of people there that this may have been there first exposure to Ron, like they were just curious but did not know that much about him. Great that they were there to listen and learn. Met some interesting people there, including a history teacher at nearby Butte College who was definitely an Obama person last election cycle, but is now seriously beginning to understand Dr. Paul's wisdom. She made an interesting point in saying that if Ron can change the financial system and abolish the FED, all the other parts fall into place. I could not agree more.