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I was there

Ron Paul looked amazing and his speech was great! I waited for hours to get a good spot right up front for me and my family. Some liberals who came to "check him out" sqeezed thier way infront of me and asked me some questions like "yeah well,what does he stand for" and one girl made a comment "I'm surprised he chose to speak on a campus since he doesnt approve of public education"(she's editor of a local newspaper) I realized right away they were completely uninformed and there was no way I was going to talk to them instead of listen to RP. I left the rally with mixed emotions and am still disturbed by the ignorance of people who are "intelligent" but cannot seem to grasp the basic message of the movement even when its right infront of them. I am sickend by my liberal friends and there isnt enough time for me to try and educate everyone I know. If they were really looking for the truth they would find it, but they dont want to know, they want to critisize and complain and pick apart. My conclusion last night was American people are just too stupid to see the truth. This is a valient effort on the part of the revolution to try and save people who dont deserve it. I never felt more strongly about leaving this country than I did last night, I still feel like I'm going to cry and i'm definatly going to lose some friends. How do I cope with the injustice of it all...where do I go.