Comment: Imagine This!

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Imagine This!

Imagine this is you will.
NY city's largest bank gets knocked off by robbers...the alarms go off, bullets flying everywhere, blood splattered everywhere, people screaming, crying, and it goes nation wide as the cameras roll...and no sign of police to help...nowhere!
After about 35 minutes another bank gets hit just around the corner. It's the second largest bank in NY city and the alarms go off, bullets flying everywhere, blood splattered people come running out of the bank, screams heard everywhere, people falling into their own pool of blood, cameras rolling and people worldwide are viewing this horror on live television..still sign of police!
The robbers escape with no witnesses to describe them other than they accidentally dropped their Islamic ID card while making their hasty getaway.

All this happens ( and much more ) over a period of almost 2 hours without ever one police unit showing up.
How unbelievable is this?
When asked what happened to NY city's elite SWAT teams and other units that failed to respond, they are told that they were having joint Police exercises on bank robberies and thought that all they heard on the news and radio were part of their exercises and that next time they will definitely be more on the alert!

This is an allegory of the abomination of what took place on 9/11 ( but on a much larger scale ) and the total and complete failure of NORAD, and STUPID Americans believe this crap? Really?

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~