Comment: What's amazing is that people

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What's amazing is that people

What's amazing is that people who claim to be awake are still buying into the MEDIA garbage that 9/11 was done by foreign terrorist......they are half was done by TERRORIST alright but from within by DOMESTIC TERRORIST.....TIME TO WAKE UP SHEEPLE......I had seen this video a while back but every time I watch it I get angry at how soo-o-o-o many people are STILL being DUPED by the media and our is very evident by some of the comments here that many are STILL in denial or maybe you are just agents of the ELITE pretending to be LIBERTY LOVERS!!! USE THE FACTS AND THE SCIENTIFIC PROOF THAT 2 airplanes COULD NOT have brought down those buildings and the eye witness accounts that NO airplane flew into the PENTAGON!! For God's sake.....WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!