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So Truthers

Exactly how many people did it take to pull this off? I mean the whole fucking thing ok? How many fucking thousands of people would have to be involved and yet you some how think they would all keep quiet? And boy oh boy did Bush and Cheney get things going fast to get it all lined up to work just like this in 8 months. Oh wait.. I forgot its a global conspiracy and it was planned for years!

Never mind that we couldn't even keep the atomic bomb project a secret while we were making it. Never mind that the government - military included - leak like a freaking seive. Never mind that the Chinese French and Russians are hacked into every major corporation. No never mind. Because of course everyone involved in the 9/11 job will shut the fuck up and not talk and every paper and digital trail will have been burned.. even the copies people took home with them.

Let me go put on some reruns of the X-files.. at least that was believeable. views on finance, politics and science