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so you don't believe anything the Fed Govt says,

but the one incidence in which you decide to exempt govt from that prevailing reality, is on 9/11??


you actually believe a childish tale that a man, Tim Osmond aka OBL, in an Afghan cave, infiltrated NORAD told them to stand down, while there were 25+ concurrent military drills happening ON the day of 9/11 that just happened to be about commercial airliners being hijacked then used to target American civil infrastructure?


No, really?

Yeah, 'cause THAT sounds INFINITELY more rational or real!


If you actually took the Red Pill, and decided to look in to who Ron Paul is, along with his voting record, and philosophies in which he speaks of, to the founding of the Federal Reserve, then perhaps it's high time you abandon another fairytale myth that anything Fed. govt & their commissars say can ever be trusted a priori, WITHOUT ever looking into any info other than the one that Federal Govt TOLD you to believe, at face value.

Um, like got Stockholm Syndrome much?

Want you to run in your head what the plausibility of a tall 6'5" Saudi suffering from kidney disease/needs dialysis (have you seen how friggin big these machines are? Not to mention medical supply and re-supplying needed to run it? You think it's simple to resupply through the rough mountainous terrains of AfPak when US/NATO were supposedly tracking him, constantly? Really? That's sounds so non fairytale to me) hiding out in the caves of Afghanistan with a cellphone and Iridium Satellite phone, which by the way one of the Bin Ladin brothers just happened to sit on the company's board of, which around 2001, there were very few global sat phone subscribers making it even easier to track, at a time in which NSA Echelon were tracking every single phone call, and you honestly think he could pull it all off?

So you ASSUME you need thousands of acquiescent traitors.

Well, ask yourself this, is your assumption any more ridiculous than 19 hijackers overwhelming a 2 TRILLON dollar defense system, all at once? Really?

But do you really know what a private merc/SPECOPS team consisting of no more than a platoon size can do?

No seriously?

If you can answer all that, perhaps you're qualified to dispense your displeasures.

Otherwise, I know you think you're the one who's informed, but when those of us who actually researched it, and for one reason or another, are aware of just how govt programs are compartmentalized, and some who actually worked in govt doubt the official govt fairytale, with a track record like the Fed, just who do you think is more credible?

Time to throw off your last vestiges of statism.

If you have difficult emotive reasons why you're unable to look into it, consider this: I don't have to prove anything. And I can't, no one can for 100%. But since it's the govt that put forth the fairytale, and immediately pointed finger to OBL, within hours of the attack, they're the ones who need to prove that what they put forth stands up to scrutiny.

All we're doing is doing the what any responsible citizenry SHOULD do: hold govt to account, especially one with an absolute proven history of LYING.

So, if you really were curious or at least seem like a critical thinker, shouldn't you be asking, 'Well Feds, it sounds like you WERE tracking OBL since you were able to point to him to be the culprit, so how come you F' up when you needed to shine the most? And HOW did you come to assume it was OBL that was responsible, and based on what evidence?

Show us, Feds!

Do you even realize that even the disastrous FBI charged OBL with USS Cole, but NEVER OFFICIALLY charged him for 9/11 attacks, as they explained: "we simply don't have enough evidence to indict him for the 9/11 attacks." That's the Patriot Act loving FBI telling you that!

The police state apparatus ITSELF is telling you that the GWB admin fairytale is a Lie.

Think McFly, Think!

Just as in any other criminal case, it's what's most likely, based on evidence at hand. So, unless a participant comes forward, there's always gonna be a lingering doubt. But our currently fraudulent court system convict innocent men/women to death based on shoddier evidence, so all the govt excuse and detractors biatching 'lack of evidence,' is frankly meaningless, as there are plenty.

Just because you didn't look into it assuming it's not credible a priori, does not make it so.

Reality has a funny way of biatchslapping those living in delusions, if not immediately, eventually.

Besides like an UnConstitutional law or department, I frankly don't give a scheisse what it does, beyond the question of "is it Constitutional?" nothing else matters.

Like wise, the mere FACT that it is moronic to assume and believe that 19 foreign hijackers knew the precise time and date of the concurrent military drills, knew inside communications protocols enough to have NORAD shut down, and diverted ALL sorties outside of the attacked airspace, is to suspend laws of nature, nature of military protocol.

If that is so, then the onus on explaining how or who pulled off 9/11, ISN'T on the citizen skeptics of the Govt fairytale. It is on the Govt. Especially because REALITY is telling you that based on the historical FACT that MOST wars were ALL instigated via some form of False Flag GOVT-sponsored terrorism, including the US Govt, what the govt's excuse/fairytale on 9/11 is CLEARLY a LIE.

It is THEY who have to explain their moronic theories away. NOT you, or me.

Frankly I'd rather be called a "9/11 Truther" (as if anything w/ "-er" attached to it and said with a childishly chiding tone automatically makes it "bad," just because you want it to) than be called "You're a FEDer!"



Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul