Comment: I don't know abot president

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I don't know abot president

but he certainly doesn't belong in jail. He can not be concidered a threat to society and in a free nation you can't gp to jail for writing a book and we are supposed to have the right to challange an unjust law but todays courts are corporate in nature and the constitution does not apply. That was Irwins downfall. Nobody knows the tax code like he does and he and the courts know he is right but he is arguing in the wrong venue. That is how they can tell him to not bring up "the Law". There are ways to do it. Joe Banister and others are proof!
Irwin and all those that support his efforts even at tremendous personal cost deserve all our thanks for standing up for what they believe in and any effort to gain justice is a good thing. What'
s that whole thing about when a butterfly flaps its wings?

Opposition to Tyranny is Obedience to God!