Comment: Believe Me ... They Know They Can't Really Win.

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Believe Me ... They Know They Can't Really Win.

Dear Sam,
The government - meaning the higher echelon of the DOJ, IRS, Congress and the USDC's - already know that they have put too much truth on the Record. All they can do now is to hope with all their might that the people will not read, and if they do read, the people will be too fearful to process and share the information. That is why so many of us went to prison. Not for knowing, but for telling. For speaking and writing - just what we are doing here. Of course, we were not formally charged with that on the indictments - for there are no Code Sections making speech a crime. Whenever two or more people speak about something the government does not want us to talk about, they call it a conspiracy to harm them. Like the Commerce Clause, the conspiracy "statutes", I use the term loosely for it is policy not law, are "Catch-All" verses, doggerel really, used with broad unbridled power (discretion) to wrangle dissidents, (persons who oppose official policy, esp. that of an authoritarian state), into parting with their property and/or for pushing them through the pretend courts on their way to prison. The government will continue to strike at a few, make press releases and otherwise flail their arms and quote huge unsubstantiated numbers in alleged damages while pretending that it is the "honest American taxpayers" that it is protecting as it does this, but it is them that are being driven mad by the mere fact that fewer and fewer people are buying into the show as the years pass. Perhaps the people have not seen any "income tax" "trials", but with all of the prison population in this country, the people are seeing the way the executive branch has high-jacked the courts for plea "agreements" and other "trials", and, those people have learned enough not to take the government's word for anything anymore. As the old adage goes... "Give them enough rope... they will hang themselves" We tried to save them from the rope but they went to great lengths to get ahold of enough of it. Their biggest fear is that the trial transcripts will be published in such form as the People will read them and understand the truth.